Dark Knight posters!

UPDATE 2! – If this poster is a fake, well then I’ll take the heat, since this thing looks incredible. I don’t think it is though, so check out what is pretty much the baddest (bad meaning good) poster I’ve seen all year:

And if somehow you missed it, you might want to head on over to the leaked trailer, which we reported a couple of hours ago, since that thing is a masterclass in awesome. Thanks to ‘Meister Evo’ for the heads up!

UPDATE – Below you’ll see the second DARK KNIGHT teaser poster, this time featuring The Joker. Not at all what I expected from the posters, but I like it in a way. I certainly like the blue overtones better than the rust brown of the first film…

What you see below is apparently the latest item in the Perpetual Marketing Overkill Machine that is promotion for THE DARK KNIGHT. This glossy new international poster image (which first appeared at the Brazilian site Omelete) sort of confuses me — is Batman standing in Wayne Industries? Isn’t he more of a rooftop guy? Is that supposed to be Gotham City? When did it get so clean and shiny? It looks more like Hong Kong, but what would Bats be doing in China? And most importantly, where is the Joker? And what is he wearing?


Source: Omelete, Allocine

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