Dark Knight Rises viral continues: See the IMAX prologue early!

So the countdown on the viral clock over at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES site Operation Early Bird is about to tick to zero and I’m assuming we’ll then begin the next phase of the TDKR viral game. Some enterprising folks last night found out that once the clock reaches zero, a map will load that will allow readers to enter in coordinates. What that will do remains to be seen.

The official site for DARK KNIGHT RISES has also been updated with new audio that repeats a woman reading off a series of numbers. Coordinates? Who knows. I’ll continue to update this article as the day unfolds.

UPDATE #1 – The numbers being read out on the site are as follows:

302804 -977388
422949 -712974
418914 -876080
341381 -1183606
407752 -739820
393519 -744443
377837 -1224029
388915 -770261
515048 -01139
435913 -796506
491682 -1226655
389112 -774442
352292 -808404
415826 -136207

They look to be coordinates, possibly for theaters across the US.

UPDATE #2 – Countdown clock reached zero but the site is now loading to a 403 Forbidden page…

UPDATE #3 – As predicted, the numbers are coordinates that when put into the Operation Early Bird map allow you to RSVP for an early screening of the TDKR prologue in major cities across the US and Canada.

UPDATE #4 – The screenings will take place on December 13, 2011 at 10:00PM. The site is slow to load but be patient and you’ll eventually be able to find your city and RSVP (or search at Gofobo, which is handling the reservations.

What do you think we’ll get out of this? A new trailer? Opportunities to see the TDKR prologue early for fans?…

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