David Goyer to pen James Cameron produced Fantastic Voyage remake

David Goyer is going to go on a FANTASTIC VOYAGE with James Cameron. THR has learned David Goyer will write the script for the Cameron produced remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic. FANTASTIC VOYAGE is being produced through Fox and Cameron's Lightstorm banner, and the studio and producers hope it will be a tentpole film. With Goyer joining the movie, the project has now been placed on the fast track.

While a remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE has been in development for years, this is the first real movement on the project since 2011, when Shawn Levy was still attached to direct. Levy won't be helming FANTASTIC VOYAGE, so Fox and Cameron will need to find a director for their planned film.

The original film was set during the Cold War, and followed a group of scientist who are shrunk to the size of atoms, and are sent in a submarine into the body of a scientist to save his life after an assassination attempt.

With today's technology, I think an updated version of FANTASTIC VOYAGE has the potential to be amazing. However David Goyer won't be the first scribe to attempt to write the script for the remake, and both Goyer and James Cameron having a lot on their plate right now. Cameron is still developing his AVATAR sequels and Goyer is attached to a bunch of projects, but if FANTASTIC VOYAGE is going to be fast tracked, I'm sure they'll find the time to work on the remake.

Source: THR

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