David Thewlis leads the cast of Amazon’s sci-fi thriller series The Feed

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

David Thewlis

Amazon and Liberty Global are teaming with writer Channing Powell, whose previous credits include fifteen episodes of The Walking Dead, to craft a sci-fi psychological thriller series called The Feed, based on a recently published novel by Nick Clark Windo.

The Feed is a 

London-set drama about the family of a man who invents a brain implant that allows people to share thoughts and emotions. Things take a turn for the worse when people with “the Feed” technology in their heads start to become murderous, and the family struggles to control the situation.

The series is set to begin filming this month, and the lead characters have already been cast. 

First up is David Thewlis (pictured above as his character from the Harry Potter films), who will be playing Lawrence Hatfield, the inventor of the "omnipresent technology called The Feed."

Michelle Fairley is on board to play Lawrence's wife Meredith, "the CEO of the powerful global mega-company which runs The Feed."

Their first-born son Tom will be played by Guy Burnet. Tom is "the subject of his father’s early experiments on inserting the neural mesh that connects people to The Feed. Being his father’s guinea pig has come at a cost to their relationship, and Tom is reluctant to use the seductive technology."

Nina Toussaint-White will play Tom's wife Kate, "a young American who shares Tom's wariness to being constantly 'on.' When the young couple give birth to a baby daughter, it coincides to changes to The Feed that will have dramatic consequences for the family and the whole world."

The Feed will be available for viewing through Amazon Prime in North America and Latin America, while Liberty Global will be bringing the show to the UK on Virgin Media. 

The series is being produced by All3Media's Studio Lambert, which was formed by Stephen Lambert. He had this to say about the show: 

We are all aware of our addiction to social media and technology, our fear of what it is doing to our brains and our terror of what would happen if we had to live without it. These are the core themes of 'The Feed.'"

I haven't read Windo's novel, but it seems like it could serve as the foundation of an interesting series. The adaptation is expected be released sometime in 2019, so if you'd like to catch up on the source material before the show arrives you can order a copy of the novel at THIS LINK.

Source: Variety, DenofGeek

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