Die Alone: Frank Grillo and zombie-like creatures in the new film from WolfCop director

Frank Grillo, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Douglas Smith star in post-apocalyptic movie from WolfCop director Lowell Dean

Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy), Carrie-Anne Moss (the Matrix franchise), and Douglas Smith (Don’t Worry Darling) have signed on to star in Die Alone, the latest film from WolfCop and Another WolfCop director Lowell Dean. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this post-apocalyptic project is scheduled to begin filming in Saskatchewan next month.

Scripted by Dean, Die Alone is “set in a future where society collapses following a catastrophic pandemic” and follows Ethan (Smith), a young man with amnesia, who bands together with Mae (Moss), a rugged survivalist. Under siege from the zombie-like monsters created by the outbreak, Ethan must use Mae’s survival skills to find his missing girlfriend, before a fateful encounter with Kai (Grillo) unravels a secret that lies just beyond his fractured memory.

Archstone holds the international rights to the film and is presenting it to potential buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. Kevin DeWalt, Danielle Masters, and Benjamin DeWalt of Minds Eye Entertainment are producing Die Alone while Archstone’s Scott Martin, Michael Slifkin, and Jack Sheehan serve as executive producers.

In addition to the WolfCop movies, Dean has also directed the horror movie 13 Eerie and the sci-fi action movie SuperGrid. He contributed to the anthology film I Heart Regina and has also directed episodes of the shows Opie’s Home, Keeping Canada Alive, Dust Up, and Blood, Lies and Alibis.

I’m not all that familiar with Dean’s work, but that’s fine because I was already sold on this project as soon as I saw that Frank Grillo is going to be in the cast. Mix Grillo in with “zombie-like monsters” and I’m already looking forward to watching Die Alone.

Does Die Alone sound interesting to you? What do you think of the cast that Lowell Dean has assembled for this film? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Grillo is a busy guy and has a lot of projects awaiting release, but one project that still hasn’t gotten a greenlight is the Purge sequel that he and Purge franchise creator are hoping to make together. I’m still waiting and hoping for Universal to make the announcement that it’s going to happen.

Frank Grillo

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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