Director Rob Cohen to take on 90s comic heroine Razor for a live-action film

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

During the 90s, the only comics I wanted to read were X-Men. Every once in awhile I’d pick up a Spider-Man or something off the beaten path like Shi or Lady Death. Strong, powerful female comic characters were roles models for me, and it didn’t hurt that they were gorgeous too.

One that I missed along the way was Razor created by Everette Hartsoe. If I would have known about the character then I might have also gotten into The Crow a little earlier. The character did several crossovers with Eric Draven and had her own series which ended at 154 issues. In 2009 there were plans to make a live-action film with Jeff Most (THE CROW) serving as producer.

Now a director/writer has jumped on aboard to move the project onward. Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND FURIOUS, XXX, THE SKULLS) will take on the lady vigilante. The story centers on “a young girl whose family is slaughtered and who then becomes the vigilante “Razor” aka Nicole Mitchell for the long razor-like knives she wears on her arms. She eventually finds out that her sister is alive and works as an assassin for the man who killed her father.”

The character will be updated for a modern audience.

Source: CBM

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