Disney launches AI task force

The Walt Disney Company has initiated an AI task force as a means to cut production costs and, you know, probably take over the world.

Disney AI

If you thought artificial intelligence was a scary idea, how about an AI “task force”? That is apparently what Disney has, employing the AI team with a rather intimidating name to cut costs and try to improve their position in the ever-evolving world of technology.

According to sources, The Walt Disney Company has found themselves in a position where they will be forced to use AI at a more advanced rate. This relates to rising costs of productions; just for example using their last two major movies, The Haunted Mansion had a budget of $150 million, while Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was pegged around $300 million, which, yes, used AI technology to help de-age Harrison Ford.

As of publication, there are around a dozen job openings at the studio related directly to the concept, which “touch virtually every corner of the company – from Walt Disney Studios to the company’s theme parks and engineering group, Walt Disney Imagineering, to Disney-branded television and the advertising team, which is looking to build a “next-generation” AI-powered ad system.” Ironically, while some cubicles might be filled in Burbank, thousands within Hollywood have shown major concern for their own jobs due to the continuous rise of artificial intelligence within the industry. After all, both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA made AI focus points of their strikes — and who can blame them considering what studios had planned? Of note, Disney launched their AI task force prior to the launch of the WGA strike in May.

Of course, AI can be used for fun as well, which Disney hopes to implement within their parks. Imagineers developed a fully functional, free-walking Baby Groot, which they wanted to have interact with guests. Sure, that sounds adorable and all…until we remember what happened in the “Itchy & Scratchy Land” episode of The Simpsons. So now imagine Baby Groot attacking your family with a machete. Not so cute now, is he?

What are your thoughts on Disney enacting an AI task force? What do you see the company doing with such technology on a more frequent basis? Give us your takes in the comments section below.

Source: Reuters

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