Dude, Where’s My Car?

Review Date:
Director: Danny Leiner
Writer: Phillip Stark
Producers: B. Johnson, A. Kosove, W. Allan Rice
Ashton Kutcher
Seann William Scott
Kristy Swanson
The misadventures of a couple of idiot potheads.
Dude, this movie is made specifically for one type of audience: 15 to 25-year old male horndogs who enjoy getting wasted or stoned every now and again. Not many other people will “get” it. In fact, if you are not part of that target audience, I doubt that you will either enjoy or appreciate this movie’s complete nuttiness. Mind you, I’m not part of that target group, but since those days weren’t that far off for me (or are they still around?), the film’s complete over-the-top goofiness worked for me just the same. This movie combines elements from the CHEECH & CHONG flicks, BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD and the obvious, BILL & TED’S. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously, it doesn’t pretend to be about anything more than a couple of stoners running around and getting into strange and funny adventures and it features plenty of cleavage. Sound interesting to you? To many, it won’t. To others, it will.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with one specific aspect of the movie. If you’re gonna have a movie about potheads and strip joints and big breasted aliens, how’sabout showing us a little T&A every now and then? This movie skips on most of the profanity and sexual gratuities and replaces it with decent chunk o’ humor, which was a little too PG-13 for my taste. I only wish that someone would come around one day and make a nice, out of this world trippy movie that features a deeper insight into these bumbling idiots. But as it stands, this movie is still quite humorous all around, definitely weird and unpredictable (the ostrich attack is a classic) and frivolous enough to recommend to anyone who considers two goofs saying “sweet!” and “dude!” over and over again…funny. I enjoyed it for the most part, despite its unfunny patches and definitely enjoyed its giant sexy alien woman at the end. Woo-hah! For those of you who enjoy the cheebah every now and again, I say rent this puppy with some buds and some munchies and have a blast! You could also follow it all up with FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (7/10), BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS (7/10) and a late night copy of EVIL DEAD 2. Whatever you do, enjoy this flick for what it is: stupid fun with a couple of stupid guys.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian