Bad Bunny to star in Sony/Marvel’s El Muerto; Venom & Ghostbusters Afterlife getting sequels

Sony hit CinemaCon attendees from off the top rope on Monday night by announcing that an El Muerto movie is currently in development. Sony head Tom Rothman also took the occasion to announce that new installments of Venom and Ghostbusters are on the way but didn’t offer any further details.

While speaking about El Muerto, Sony brought Bad Bunny on-stage to discuss his solo MCU-affiliated pic, which is set for January 12, 2024.

“I love wrestling! I grew up watching wrestling, and now I’m a wrestler. It’s the perfect role for me – it’ll be epic,” Bad Bunny said about his upcoming role as the obscure Marvel character.

Via Deadline, the character of El Muerto, aka Juan Carlos, was a super-powered wrestler who initially fought Spider-Man in a charity wrestling where he nearly unmasked Spider-Man before being stung by Spider-Man, with a paralyzing poison. After being saved from the hospital by Spider-Man after his oppressor El Dorado came to claim his life, the two would team up to defeat Dorado.

El Muerto’s arrival marks the first Latin superhero to get a film in Sony’s Marvel Universe.


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