Exclusive: We Talk Vice with Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Adam McKay!

In the new feature VICE, writer/director Adam McKay steps into the political landscape to tell the story of arguably the most powerful VP of our time. The film stars Christian Bale who transforms into Dick Cheney, as well, Amy Adams is absolutely stunning as his wife Lynne. The film also stars Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush in yet another great performance for the actor. This fantastic feature goes deep inside the story and tells a surprisingly funny, and oftentimes very personal history behind Cheney. The performances are exceptional, and the script is sharp with a satiric wit. Yet this story never plays its subject as a joke, in fact, much of the charm of VICE is the strong relationship between Lynne and Dick.

Recently, we had the immense pleasure of speaking with Adam about his latest creation. Not only am I a fan of his work, but he also happens to be a remarkably kind individual. While I’ve always known him to be an incredible talent when it came to humor, it impressed me that he was able to make a film like this as funny as it is – while still maintaining such a potent dramatic story. However, he was able to do this with THE BIG SHORT so it shouldn’t be that shocking. He discussed taking that approach with this and still taking the seriousness of it all into account. McKay also opened up about both Bale and Adams, and how important they were to the films success.

Next up, we spoke to the absolutely lovely and talented Amy Adams. This was my first time interviewing Ms. Adams, and frankly she couldn’t have been nicer. It was interesting to listen to her talk about playing Lynne Cheney, and how she approached taking on the role and always remaining respectful to the public figure. She also opened up about how things are currently, and how she admired that Mrs. Cheney was one willing to have a conversation about a disagreement, and that is something that is harder and harder to find as of late. The way Ms. Adams brings it all to life is beyond impressive.

And finally, we sat down with Christian Bale. Not only is Mr. Bale one of the best actors working today – the same could be said about his co-stars Adams and Rockwell – but he is also sincere and very enjoyable to speak to. What fascinates me about the man is his absolute love and devotion to his craft and how he approaches a role. He discussed his take on playing this powerful political figure, and he also made sure to credit the ones behind-the-scenes who helped him achieve this marvelous transformation. Bale is always amazing, and frankly VICE is certainly going to be noticed this coming award season on all accounts.

VICE opens this Christmas, and I highly recommend this incredible film.

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