Exclusive 1:1 Interview: 3 Days to Kill Director McG!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

When you sit down with McG and the first thing he asks about is your favorite movie of the year, you know fun times will be had. Even with a new film in theatres he just wanted to talk movies in general. It is hard to resist the energy and charisma of this exuberantly cool filmmaker. However, with 3 DAYS TO KILL heading to theatres, we definitely needed to cover our bases.

So after a quick discussion on the fantastic HER we moved into a conversation about his latest. We talked about casting Kevin Costner and placing him as a fish out of water in Paris. We also talked very highly about his co-star, Ms. Amber Heard and finding the balance of Costner with both she and Hailee Steinfeld. There are few directors as much fun to talk with as McG, and his love for movies and his energy is absolutely refreshing. You can check out his latest, 3 DAYS TO KILL this Friday at a theatre near you.

And McG gave us a nice shout out as well. Very cool!

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