Exclusive Interview: Chaka Khan for The One and Only Ivan

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN is the latest Disney film to make its exclusive debut on Disney+. Originally slated for a wide theatrical release, the company's distribution plan for the all-star adaptation of the classic children's book by K. A. Applegate got thrown out of whack by COVID-19, thus it's become one of the most high-profile streaming debuts of the summer. In it, Sam Rockwell voices a gorilla named Ivan, who performs in a low-rent carnival housed in a shopping mall. While he has an undeniable bond with the circus's owner (Bryan Cranston), he starts to feel conflicted when he, as well as a carnival elephant named Stella (Angelina Jolie), becomes the de facto guardians of the latest addition to the show, a baby elephant named Ruby (Brooklynn Prince). 

In addition to Rockwell and Jolie, the all-star voice cast includes the one and only Chaka Khan, yes, the legendary singer herself, voicing a carnival chicken named Henrietta. The living legend sat down with me recently to discuss her role in the cast, as well as her hopes for a potential biopic somewhere down the road. Check it out! 

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN hits Disney+ August 21st. 

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