Exclusive: Kevin Feige talks Spidey’s future & studio collaborations

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

If there was any moment that deserved to be celebrated with geeks, nerds and all manner of basement dwellers celebrating in the streets like it was the end of World War II, it was the announcement of Spider-Man’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans finally got a dream addition they thought would only be a fleeting fancy, while in the greater scheme it proved two studios (Marvel Studios and Sony) could come together to bring fans just what they wanted. Now SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING (starring Tom Holland) is nearly upon us, and our own Eric Walkuski sat down with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to chat about the bright future of the Wall-Crawler, and if this deal with Sony means doors could open for collaboration with other studios.

Said deal between the movie studios allows Marvel to use the character in the MCU, incorporating him into their larger universe, while Sony would distribute, finance and have final creative say over the movies. This allows for the fan-favorite to team up with other beloved heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, while Sony keeps their golden goose. Could this collaboration mean Marvel will work with other studios, like Fox, to do the same thing with characters like Wolverine or The Fantastic Four?

No active discussions, no plans at all for that. The only reason I don't say "no, never" is because of the amazing things that have happened over the 17 years here. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Now that Spider-Man is coming back to movies in a big way, Sony is planning their own universe of superhero movies around other Spiderverse characters, like Venom (to be played by Tom Hardy), and Amy Pascal said Holland’s Spider-Man could show up in those movies. Does that mean Sony’s other characters could migrate into other MCU movies?

Right now, Spidey is in the MCU and it's just Spidey. Civil War, Homecoming, we've already shot a lot of Tom Holland's scenes in the upcoming Avengers films, and we're just starting to solidify our plans for Homecoming 2 – we won't call it that, whatever it is – which is exciting because it'll be the first MCU movie after untitled Avengers in 2019. It'll be the way Civil War informed everything in Homecoming, those movies will launch him off into a very new cinematic universe at that point. Those five movies are we're focusing on. 

As for Sony’s roster of characters:

They have rights to other characters, and I think they're being very smart in saying 'We have to make a great Venom movie.' They're off to a good start hiring Tom Hardy.

Hoping other studios will work with Marvel to unite teams like The Avengers and X-Men goes a bit beyond wishful thinking. Fox has had a current run of hits on their hands, like LOGAN and DEADPOOL, with the actual X-MEN franchise still pulling in audiences. They don’t really need to collaborate with the other studios in order to make their movies work. However, after THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and the failed SINISTER SIX plans, Sony appeared to be losing grip with its star hero, and Marvel offered a terrific opportunity to give him a fresh start in their universe. The results have been met with praise, and the future indeed looks bright for the Web-Slinger. But if they do announce we'll get to Spider-Man and Deadpool go at it in the movies one day we have to be sure to throw a big party…on Mars.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Feige DUE MONDAY, and catch SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING July 7.

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