Exclusive: Peter Stormare chases down Zorro in clips from Swedish Dicks

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I'm a big fan of Peter Stormare, and although he doesn't always get the chance to take on leading roles, he's always a highlight in whatever project he takes on. The American/Swedish TV series Swedish Dicks finds Stormare starring as Ingmar Andersson, a former stuntman who begins a new career in Los Angeles as a private dick along with struggling DJ Axel Kruse (Johan Glans), who decides to join Ingmar and become a partner of his detective firm. If you still need convincing, should I mention that Keanu Reeves appears in the recurring role of Tex Johnson, a former stunt buddy of Ingmar’s? There you go.

The ten-episode second season of Swedish Dicks has already aired in Sweden, but it will kick off for American audiences on July 26th at 10/9c on Pop, and you can check out two exclusive clips from the first episode of the season above! The second season will find Ingmar and Axel preparing to finally get their P.I. licenses, except one of them doesn't have his immigration paperwork in order. Ruh oh. Now Ingmar and Axel have to work that out while solving cases, and while competing against their arch-enemy Jane (Traci Lords) at the same time.

Source: JoBlo.com

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