First Look: These stills from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special only further prove how epic it will be

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Excuse me, I’m recovering from exploding after taking a look at the first set of stills from the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special also known as “The Day of The Doctor”. More like, the day I peed my pants from excitement. Actually, that will probably happen after I see the first trailer. Sadly, I was not in attendance during Comic Con this year when it was shown for the first time.


What can we tell you about the special? As most Whovians may already know, we don’t have many details. There will be more insight into who this “Darker Doctor” played by John Hurt is. David Tennant is back. Billie Piper is back. There will be Daleks and Zygons. Matt Smith teased the word “paintings” when asked about the special.

I’m ready. Geronimo!

The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of The Doctor” hits small screens on November 23, 2013.

Source: BBC

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