Fubar: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix series renewed

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s FUBAR is getting a second season, with Netflix announcing its renewal at the Tudum event.

Last Updated on June 22, 2023


With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fubar topping the Netflix Top 10 for two weeks, it’s no surprise that the series has gotten a brisk season 2 renewal. The announcement was made at Netflix’s Tudum event, which featured an appearance by the man himself. While the show has gotten mixed reviews (even from our own critic), the numbers don’t lie, and it’s good to see Arnold return to prominence, between this and a very good three-part documentary series the streamer just released. 

In the series, Arnold stars as a secret agent who discovers that his daughter (played by Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro) is also an agent. The two team up to take on an arms dealer, bonding along the way over their shared love of carnage. In addition to announcing the second season, Netflix, who’ve gone all-in on Arnold, dropped a blooper reel, revealing the Austrian Oak’s impish sense of humour is still intact.

Truth be told, I only made it about a quarter of a way into the first episode of Fubar. I was really excited when I got my screeners, but in pretty short order I was put off by all the “dad humor” and the lack of hard-edged action. Maybe I should have managed my expectations. I was expecting True Lies, but I got something that felt like just another Netflix show. Folks here at the site tell me that it picks up a lot as the season goes on, so maybe one day I’ll give it another chance. That said, I still love Arnie, so glad to see he’s having some much deserved success.

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