George A. Romero’s Martin director’s cut has been found!

Last Updated on April 3, 2022

For decades, fans of George A. Romero have been mourning the loss of the black and white, three and a half hour director’s cut of his film Martin (there are expensive copies of the movie available HERE). On an audio commentary, Romero once said something along the lines of the “greatest tragedy of his career” was that the film reels containing his Martin director’s cut went missing… But now it looks like those film reels have finally been located, decades later!

Cinematographer Michael Gornick shared this amazing news on Facebook, saying

I simply can’t say enough about the efforts of KEVIN KRIESS and THE LIVING DEAD MUSEUM in locating the seldom (if ever) seen, black and white, 16mm version of MARTIN. This “Director’s Cut” of some three and a half hours in length was always Romero’s preferred version. May it soon return safely to the custody of Richard Rubinstein and Braddock Associates for digital revitalization and distribution to the world.”

Written and directed by Romero, Martin has the following synopsis:

Young Martin is entirely convinced that he is an 84-year-old blood-sucking vampire. Without fangs or mystical powers, Martin injects women with sedatives and drinks their blood through wounds inflicted with razor blades. After moving to Braddock, Pennsylvania to live with his superstitious uncle, who also believes Martin is a vampire, Martin tries to prey exclusively on criminals and thugs but stumbles when he falls for a housewife.

The film stars John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Elayne Nadeau, and Tom Savini, with Romero himself making a cameo as a priest.

Martin is one of my favorite movies, so I am really happy to hear this news and can’t wait to see the director’s cut in all its glory. I just wish these film reels had been located when Romero was alive so he could celebrate this discovery with us.

Source: Facebook

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