Green, Hodder, Rose, Quinn, Shepis join Joe Bob Briggs for Sleepover special

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A few weeks ago, it was announced that the legendary Joe Bob Briggs will be hosting a "summer sleepover double feature" on the Shudder streaming service this Friday, August 14th, at 9pm Eastern. At the time, it was said that filmmaker Adam Green would be making a guest appearance on the special, with "other surprise guests" showing up as well. Now we know who all of those guests are.

Joe Bob took to social media to confirm that this Summer Sleepover special will include special guests Adam Green, Kane Hodder, Felissa Rose, Brian Quinn, and Tiffany Shepis. He also gave clues as to which movies will be shown during the special: 

The first movie is a Roger Corman excuse to wear pajamas. The second can be deduced by googling the guest list.

Obviously the second film will be VICTOR CROWLEY, the fourth entry in the HATCHET franchise, since Green directed it and all of the other guests are cast members. There are more possible answers to the "Roger Corman excuse to wear pajamas" clue, but the top contenders would be one of the films in the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE series.

Whatever the movies are, as long as Joe Bob is hosting them, I'm tuning in. I look forward to seeing Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl interact with the cast of VICTOR CROWLEY.

Source: Joe Bob Briggs

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