Guillermo Del Toro in talks to helm Fantastic Voyage

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

James Cameron may have finally found a stable choice to direct his idea to remake FANTASTIC VOYAGE. After being in development for a number of years and only recently seeing any progress made when David Goyer was secured to pen the script back in 2014, the remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic appears to be heading into Guillermo Del Toro's wheel house.

With a sizable opening in his schedule now that any PACIFIC RIM sequel is on hold for the time being, Del Toro is in talks to fill it with FANTASTIC VOYAGE, which he would direct and work to develop for 20th Century Fox and Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.

The original film revolved around a squad of scientists who are miniaturized in order to enter a human body and save another scientist's life following an assassination attempt. I would imagine the remake would use that film as a blueprint, but given Del Toro and Cameron's history as visual storytellers, you know they're going to put their own spin on this and up the ante to try to make something spectacular for the big screen.

Goyer would continue development of the script as well, alongside Justin Rhodes, who he's been working to write it with thus far as it is. No timetable is set for FANTASTIC VOYAGE to become a reality, but if I had to venture a guess, it'd be sooner rather than later if Del Toro can close his deal. You don't want to run the risk that suddenly PACIFIC RIM 2 is back on the front burner and Del Toro resumes his commitment to expanding that universe. Plus, with a number of other projects circling his mind, you never know when he might decide to pluck one of them out of his head and go to work full force on them.

For right now, if he's in for FANTASTIC VOYAGE, this one is going to barrel ahead quickly.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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