Exclusive clip! Gunslinger Vs wolfmen in High Moon with Chad Michael Collins

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

We're now less than a month out from the release of writer/director Josh Ridgway's biker werewolf film HIGH MOON starring Chad Michael Collins, a film I have been hyped for ever since I first heard that it was being made. In anticipation of HIGH MOON's May 14th VOD/Digital release (the movie is available to pre-order at THIS LINK), today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip to share from the film.

Described as "BLADE from the old west" and inspired by "the classic ‘80s / ‘90s camp creature features from John Carpenter and Fred Dekker", HIGH MOON tells the following story: 

Colt (Chad Michael Collins) – a gunslinging werewolf slayer from the old west – mysteriously rises from the grave, only to find that the band of werewolves that brutally murdered his wife are still running rampant generations later. Aided by a beautiful widow (Chelsea Edmundson), a skeptical town sheriff (Matthew Thompkins) and a corrupt Mayor (Sean Patrick Flanery), Colt must face off with the bloodthirsty creatures once again to save a sleepy southern town from destruction.

In addition to the cast members mentioned in the synopsis, the film also stars Tom Zembrod as the big bad.

Set in the past, the clip embedded below gives a preview of the gunslinging, axe-wielding Colt's werewolf fighting skills as he takes on a pack of villainous lycanthropes. This looks to be just as fun as I've been hoping it would be.

HIGH MOON was produced by Rishi Chitkara, Josh Ridgway, and Chad Law. Executive Producers include Larry LeMaster, Heath Calhoun, and Greg Fussell. Lead actor Chad Michael Collins is also an Associate Producer.

After the May VOD release, HIGH MOON will be coming to DVD on July 2nd.


Source: Arrow in the Head

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