Halloween-set horror film Honeyspider hits DVD October 6th

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Maxim Media's Brain Damage Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to HONEYSPIDER, an indie horror film set on Halloween 1989, and will be putting it out on DVD just in time for Halloween 2015, giving it a release date of October 6th.

Written and produced by Kenny Caperton, owner of the home in North Carolina that faithfully recreates the appearance of the original Myers house as seen in John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, and directed by Josh Hasty, who is currently putting together the "Making Of" documentary for Rob Zombie's 31, HONEYSPIDER has the following synopsis:

It's Halloween day in 1989 and college student Jackie Blue wants to enjoy a quiet birthday in the midst of a chaotic semester at school. Her friend Amber has other ideas and persuades Jackie to come to the annual Monster Mash party on campus after her shift at the local movie theater. As murder plays out on the silver screen during the theater's Halloween night Horrorthon, Jackie falls under a strange spell, all while a mysterious stranger watches over her every move. As the night unfolds, Jackie slowly unravels and everyone around her is turning up dead. Jackie finds herself helplessly trapped like prey in a spider’s web, and all she can do is try to survive the night!

Frank Aard, Joan Schuermeyer, Rachel Jeffreys, Samantha Mills, and Mariah Brown star.

A new trailer for the film and the DVD artwork can be viewed below, along with the poster for the "movie within the movie" that's being screened at the theatre where Jackie works.

An '80s Halloween is pretty much the best setting a movie could possibly have and HONEYSPIDER looks to be packed with a lot of unexpected weirdness, so I will be adding this one to my October horror viewings this year for sure.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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