Henry Golding teases “grand plans” for a Snake Eyes G.I. Joe follow up

Although Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins performed way under expectations, the film’s star gives an update of more possible stories to come.

Snake Eyes Trailer Henry Golding

After 2007’s Transformers became a huge box office hit, Hasbro would pull from another of their popular properties that also had a place in pop culture with an 80s cartoon — G.I. Joe. However, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra would not do the kind of numbers that Transformers had brought in, and the style was surprisingly geared more towards the Michael Bay film with some sci-fi twists rather than a more straight-forward military combat movie with colorfully eccentric characters. The sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, would offer more of what many would come to expect from the property and had actually become more successful commercially (mostly thanks to Dwayne Johnson‘s star power).

Then, 2021 saw a sort of prequel spin-off of one of the most popular characters from the franchise with the solo film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins. Henry Golding, who shot up to fame with the success of Crazy Rich Asians, would occupy the role of the famously silent ninja soldier. Snake Eyes opened during the height of the pandemic and would fizzle with a box office of just over $40 million dollars. However, According to ScreenRant, Golding recently sat down with ComicBook.com to offer some hope for those looking forward to more Snake Eyes.

Golding told ComicBook.com,

I mean, Lorenzo di Bonaventura is a busy man and a phenomenal producer, and it’s in safe hands. Whatever happens, I think it’s going to be a combination of what has come and what is to come. I think Paramount have some grand, grand plans.”

Since Snake Eyes, the studio has been able to stream original content on Paramount Plus, so if there isn’t a theatrical film, a series or streaming original could be possible. Plus, there was that little easter egg tease at the end of the recent Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which featured the main character being interviewed for a secret organization that turned out to be the Joes. Steven Caple Jr., the director of that film, addressed, “I had to talk to all the producers and let them know the vision or direction I was going in. I didn’t know all of it at the moment when I had first pitched it or when they first read it, but throughout the process of making this movie, it started to get deeper and deeper. So I knew a little bit more of the direction I wanted to go in with the Joes, but the studio was on board since the beginning. It just took a while to get all the parties on board and settled.”

Source: ScreenRant, ComicBook.com

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