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Dear Evan Hansen: Well, 2021 sure was another crazy year of COVID, but you should be thankful that you had plenty of movies to get you through–even the bad ones! And that’s why and Awfully Good Movies are counting down the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2021, to make sure you never forget the lessons that this very hard year taught you.

You learned that continuing the G.I. Joe and Fast & Furious franchises without Dwayne Johnson in Snake Eyes and F9 is a bad idea. You learned that making a live-action Tom & Jerry movie that doesn’t center on Tom and/or Jerry is an even worse idea than TOM & JERRY & THE WIZARD OF OZ. You finally grew tired of sharing Karen memes after watching BET’s Karen movie, and you finally lost hope that Melissa McCarthy would stop making bad movies with her director husband after failing to Netflix and chill with Thunder Force.

You discovered that Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley aren’t quite ready to leave their Disney overlords for the dystopian sci-fi cliches of Chaos Walking–and speaking of Disney, Home Sweet Home Alone had you thinking about canceling that Disney+ subscription right before Hawkeye came and pulled you back in. But at least your depression is nothing compared to that of Bruce Willis slumming in another Redbox-ready sci-fi cheapie called Cosmic Sin, and watching LeBron fail to slam dunk with the Looney Tunes in SPACE JAM: A NEW REASON TO MAKE MONEY finally made you stop holding onto your childhood nostalgia and embrace the future.

Never forget that there are bright days ahead for you, Evan Hansen, even if your creepy CGI deaged face is a big turn-off. Here’s hoping that all the crappiness in your 2022 is limited to the bad movies you saw! Sincerely, Jesse Shade of Awfully Good Movies. P.S. Do you know why that awful Cinderella movie with James Corden didn’t make the Top 10? Just curious if you knew.

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