Henstridge in Anytown

Natasha Henstridge Piping hot former alien menace and current TV ex of vision afflicted lawyer “Eli Stone”, Natasha Henstridge, has joined Matt O’Leary, Marshall Allman, Jonathan Halyalkar and Paul Ben-Victor in the cast of the Dave Rodriguez directed indie drama ANYTOWN. In it, she’ll play a news anchor covering a story in which two high school students videotape their assault of an Indian-American student. The event apparently forces her “to examine the media’s post-Sept. 11 role in fueling hate crimes committed by youth.” Rodriguez co-wrote the script with Zak Meyers. Filming is scheduled to take place in Louisiana and LA. Aside from the aforementioned “Eli Stone”, Henstridge can next be seen in the thriller DECEPTION and the horror comedy LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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