Hey, you guys! Doc on The Goonies secures Kickstarter backing after Sean Astin push

A documentary on The Goonies is moving forward, landing financial backing not long after Sean Astin showed his support online.

Last Updated on July 11, 2024


Goonies never say die! But we’re still interested in what else they have to say. And this will all come true for die-hard fans of The Goonies, as a feature-length documentary on the making and legacy of the 1985 adventure favorite is currently in development through a Kickstarter campaign. With less than two months until the campaign ends, none other than Mikey Walsh, Sean Astin, is calling for any remaining support there is and ensuring he’ll take part.

Posting on social media to promote the documentary – currently titled Life After The Goonies – Sean Astin wrote, “I enthusiastically support this Goonies documentary. I hope you all can donate a few bucks so it can get made. I can’t wait to participate. I can’t wait to see the interviews she’s already done…in particular with Richard Donner our Director. I’ve never seen it. Only a couple days left on the campaign…” Not long after his post, the doc exceeded its $83,150 goal – that’s good enough for me!

Launched by director Lisa Downs, Life After the Goonies hopes to capture the spirit of the movie through interviews with both those involved and some of The Goonies’ biggest fans; it will also serve as a tribute to the late, great Richard Donner, who passed away in 2021. As of now, Downs has footage from some convention panels and even a Corey Feldman concert, so that should be interesting…

The cast of The Goonies has gone on to venture onto their own endeavors, ranging from Oscar-winning performances (Ke Huy Quan aka Data) to successful law careers (Jeff Cohen aka Chunk). But considering they all still have an appreciation for the movie and what it means to fans, we hope to see everybody who is still around reunite for the doc.

In addition to her forthcoming project on The Goonies, Downs has also been behind documentaries on The Neverending Story, Flight of the Navigator and Flash Gordon. There, too, are projects on Goodfellas and Grease in various stages of development.

What are your memories of watching The Goonies as a kid? What is your favorite scene? Let us know in the comments section below!

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