Casey Affleck haunts Rooney Mara in A Ghost Story trailer

A Ghost Story David Lowery Casey Affleck

Director David Lowery's haunting drama A GHOST STORY, which reteams him with his AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, is a very interesting looking film. Everything about it is experimental and arty, from the aspect ratio to the fact that the film's ghost is presented in the most basic Halloween costume way: he wears a white sheet with eyeholes cut in it. That's something that could come off as looking utterly ridiculous... and yet somehow it doesn't seem ridiculous in the film's trailer, which can be seen below.

Will Oldham, Liz Franke, Augustine Frizzell, Rob Zabrecky, and Sonia Acevedo co-star in A GHOST STORY, which

contemplates a spectral figure who was once a man. Prematurely taken from this Earth, he makes his way toward his former home, where he is fated to remain forevermore. Shrouded in a white sheet, he observes the lament of his grief-stricken lover. Bearing unseen witness to her pain, the wisp stands sentry for years to come, interacting only with time as it hurtles further and further forward, the remnants of his humanity quietly evaporating.

Despite being packed with arthouse elements that could threaten to make it seem insufferable, it actually looks like Lowery has crafted something rather beautiful here. There is some incredible imagery in this trailer, and I love the lines about people doing what they can to make sure they're still around in some way after they're gone.

A GHOST STORY is scheduled to reach select theatres on July 7th.

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