Exclusive: Rob Zombie interview, Lords of Salem Part 1 of 2

In THE LORDS OF SALEM, the new film by Rob Zombie, the horror director decided to take a different approach to horror. In it he offers much of the visual style that he has crafted before, yet this time he approaches this very feminine-centric tale of witches closer to fright flicks like ROSEMARY’S BABY or LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH. Although for fans of his work, you’ll be happy to see many of his regular cast members in attendance including his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, Dee Wallace, Ken Foree, Sid Haig and more.

When we sat down with the director, we discussed working with genre favorite Meg Foster who gives a chilling performance as Margaret Morgan a bitch of a witch with a vendetta. We discuss his mysterious feature and the heavily female cast. We talk about his approach to this story and about bringing Salem to life in a surprisingly unique tale for the director! Check out part one or our two part Exclusive interview with Rob Zombie! THE LORDS OF SALEM opens this Friday.

And let me tell you, when you get 9 women together, they're not all gonna get along...that was something!

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