Exclusive Trailer: Creature feature The Dawnseeker pays tribute to Predator

The Dawnseeker Justin Price

Arriving on VOD September 4th is THE DAWNSEEKER, director Justin Price's love letter to the 1987 sci-fi action classic PREDATOR - making it out into the world ten days before the theatrical release of Shane Black's PREDATOR sequel THE PREDATOR.

Starring Franziska Schissler, Alexander Kane, Jason Skeen, and Khu, THE DAWNSEEKER 

pits five mercenaries against a dangerous alien creature. 

2245, the Earth's sun has dwindled and no longer provides the energy needed to sustain human life. Five hired mercenaries travel to an uncharted planet to collect a rare mineral known as stardust to replenish the dying star. After their spaceship crashes on the alien planet, they are stalked and hunted by a creature far more advanced than anything they have ever encountered before.            

Today we are proud to share the EXCLUSIVE debut of the trailer for THE DAWNSEEKER, which shows Price's hunter-creature in action, taking on those hapless humans who have landed on its planet.

I've been wanting to see THE PREDATOR next month, and now I'm planning to watch THE DAWNSEEKER next month as well. The more Predator sequels and tributes we have, the better.

THE DAWNSEEKER'S VOD release is coming to us courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching THE DAWNSEEKER?



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