Exclusive: Where It Was Made video tours the Halloween filming locations

The JoBlo Movie Network has an awesome new web-series to share with you all called Where It Was Made, hosted and directed by Ryan Cultrera. As you might guess from the title, this series is all about visiting locations where popular movies were filmed and seeing how they've changed over the years. 

The premiere episode of Where It Was Made can be seen below, and given the time of year what movie could be more appropriate to be featured in the first episode than John Carpenter's 1978 classic HALLOWEEN?

Halloween is upon us this weekend, so I hope you'll be watching HALLOWEEN soon, if you haven't already watched it this month. But even if you don't have the movie fresh in mind, or already memorized (I'm sure several of you reading this can quote it line for line), Cultrera has you covered, including clips from the movie in the video to directly compare how the filming locations looked then and how they look now. 

So sit back, relax, click play on the video, and let it take you back to Where It Was Made.

Extra Tidbit: Which is your favorite HALLOWEEN location?



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