Film4 moving along with Ben Wheatley on cops v. monsters flick Freakshift

That's right folks. I'm talking about a cops and monsters flick coming our way from KILL LIST director Ben Wheatley. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? Of course it does!

I'm talking about the flick FREAKSHIFT, and according to Screen Daily Film4 went into discussions with potential co-financiers for the flick at Cannes this past week. Well that's a good sign, right?

Unfortunately we don't have any solid details on what this one is about. All we know is that FREAKSHIFT will involve cops and monsters in some way. Hey, I can dig it!

Ben Wheatley (above) is coming fresh off the news that SIGHTSEERS just got snatched up by IFC Films, so he must be riding pretty high. Hopefully that means more details on FREAKSHIFT will be spilling our way soon. And as soon as that happens we'll be right here to pass the good word along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: When I think cops and monsters the first thing that comes to mind is MANIAC COP.
Source: ScreenDaily



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