Jennifer Blanc-Biehn makes directorial debut with The Night Visitor

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (THE DIVIDE) is getting ready to make her directorial debut with the sci-fi/horror flick THE NIGHT VISITOR. She will be teaming up with Streamy Award winning producer Mark Gantt (THE BANNEN WAY) and Lony Ruhmann (who is also helping produce HIDDEN IN THE WOODS the remake). The film will be a mixture of both sci-fi and horror and will be shot in the found footage style that has been all the rages these days. Ruhmann helmed the story and will Executive Produce with Blanc-Biehn, Gantt will produce, screenplay written by the Marcus Bros (HIDDEN IN THE WOODS-REMAKE, THE FARM). Mark Gantt had this to say regarding THE NIGHT VISITOR:

The Night Visitor effortlessly blends the sci-fi, horror and supernatural genres together with a beautiful balance of charm, humor and irony. I’m super excited to be a part of Jen Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut, her vision and passion are leading the charge.

There's a lot of solid talent behind this flick and I'll watch just about anything that mixes sci-fi and horror so I'm pretty pumped to see what THE NIGHT VISITOR has in store. The film will be headed for a straight-to-VOD release with shooting set to begin April 4th in LA.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited to see her directorial debut?
Source: AITH



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