Khary Payton is Ezekiel in full trailer for The Walking Dead season 7

The Walking Dead Khary Payton

Following close on the heels of the teaser for season seven of AMC's The Walking Dead, the full trailer for the season is now online and can be seen below.

The first half is an emotionally manipulative look back at the cliffhanger ending of season six, with several fan favorite characters at the mercy of, and one of them about to die at the hands of, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Negan. Then it segues into a minute and a half of action-packed footage that make it looks like we have one hell of an intense, fun season ahead of us.

Within this new footage, we're introduced to another popular character who is finally making his way from the pages of the comic book source material to the screen - Ezekiel, leader of a community of zombie apocalypse survivors called The Kingdom. Beside the former zookeeper's throne is his pet tiger Shiva.

Ezekiel is being played by Khary Payton, an actor with 130 credits to his name, many of them vocal performances for cartoons and video games. Genre fans may know him from his roles in DRACULA II: ASCENSION or HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC at 9pm EST on October 23.

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