Masters of Horror successor Nightmare Cinema lands distribution

Nightmare Cinema

As I have said when covering this movie before, I'm really excited for the upcoming horror anthology NIGHTMARE CINEMA because it's basically a continuation of the Showtime series Masters of Horror. I loved that show, which was created by Mick Garris, and also enjoyed its short-lived NBC follow-up Fear Itself, so I'm looking forward to seeing Garris tell more stories with filmmakers he considers to be "masters of horror".

This time around, Garris assembled Joe Dante, David Slade, Ryuhei Kitamura, and Alejandro Brugues for the feature NIGHTMARE CINEMA, with all five of them taking on a 20 minute segment of the anthology. The set-up centers on 

five unlucky individuals who are trapped and tortured by a mysterious projectionist as he plays each of their greatest fears on the theater's silver screen.

Mickey Rourke plays that twisted projectionist, and the shorts he shows on his screen are Dead, written and directed by Garris; The Thing in the Woods, written and directed by Brugues; Mirari, which Dante directed from a script by Richard Christian Matheson; Mashit, directed by Kitamura and written by Sandra Becerril; and The Way to Egress, an adaptation of Lawrence C. Connolly's short story Traumatic Descent, which Slade directed from a script he wrote with Connolly.

The film is a co-production of Good Deed Entertainment and Cinelou Films, and Good Deed's genre label Cranked Up is now teaming with AMC's streaming platform Shudder to give it a North American release. NIGHTMARE CINEMA will be arriving in theatres and on VOD in North America sometime in 2019.

Fortitude is currently presenting the foreign distribution rights to potential buyers at the American Film Market.

I'm hoping that 2019 release will come early in the year. I want to watch this movie as soon as possible.

Source: Variety



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