Mick Garris to helm new horror anthology Nightmare Cinema

The good folks over at Shock had the opportunity to talk to Master of Horror Mick Garris (HOCUS POCUS, THE FLY II, PSYCHO IV, THE STAND, CRITTERS 2...) and get the scoop on his latest project. Low budget, high yield anthology projects are hot right now with the likes of V/H/S, ABC'S OF DEATH, and TALES OF HALLOWEEN hitting VOD markets left and right, and it looks like Garris is looking for a piece of the sliced-up pie.

The proposed anthology is to be called NIGHTMARE CINEMA. Says Garris:

It’s a horror anthology with five unique stories, each with a different director. This is a feature-film collection of unique horror stories linked only by a desire to reach in and grab you by the terror gland, made by a group of directors from around the world, each with a vision unlike any other. It’s the same philosophy I had when Masters of Horror came to be, but in an anthology film format. I can’t wait to finalize the paperwork and announce the names. I know the horror community will be as excited as I am!

If he gets a slate of directors from all around the world, that could help NIGHTMARE CINEMA become a truly unique horror anthology. There's a lot of talent to tap outside American borders, and I for one hope he reaches out to directors like Australia's Jennifer Kent (THE BABADOOK), Spain's Jaume Belaguero ([REC] series), and Austria's Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala (GOODNIGHT MOMMY) who deserve more time in the Hollywood limelight.

More on this story as it drops!

Critters 2!
Extra Tidbit: What directors do you hope Mick brings to the project?



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