Trailer: Netflix and Blumhouse team for Indian mini-series Ghoul

Ghoul Netflix

Netflix is spending billions to create original features and series that are filming all around the globe. Their first horror project to be filmed in India is the upcoming three episode mini-series Ghoul, and for this one the streaming service teamed with a company that has a whole lot of horror experience, Blumhouse Productions, who also made their Indian horror debut with this project.

Directed by Patrick Graham and starring Radhika Apte (who is said to deliver a chilling performance) and Manav Kaul, Ghoul was inspired by Arabic folklore. The story follows 

a prisoner who arrives at a remote military interrogation center and turns the tables on his interrogators, exposing their most shameful secrets.

The series came about through a five-year partnership between Blumhouse, Ivanhoe Pictures, and Phantom Films that was formed with the intention of producing genre films in India.

Described as a thrilling, "edge-of-your-seat horror series" that is both frightening and insightful, Ghoul is meant to "tell a story that is rooted in India, in a manner that will appeal to audiences around the world".

The trailer for the mini-series can be seen below. I usually check out anything Blumhouse is involved with, but this one looks especially good to me. All three episodes are set to drop on the Netflix streaming service on August 24, and the show will be added to my list when they do.

Extra Tidbit: How does Ghoul look to you?
Source: TheWrap



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