Samuel L. Jackson might pay a visit to Kong: Skull Island

The path to getting KONG: SKULL ISLAND made has turned out to be more difficult than actually traveling to the island itself. After Michael Keaton and J. K. Simmons dropped out of the cast in July, prospects looked bleak, but now the producers have rounded out the film with Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and Corey Hawkins.

But they're not content to leave things as is, oh no. The king of action cinema, Samuel L. Jackson himself, is reportedly in early talks to fill the void left behind by Simmons. They've also offered Tom Wilkinson a role and are on the lookout for John C. Reilly to fill Keaton's shoes, so these folks ain't messing around.

There's no word on what role specifically Jackson will be asked to play, but one can only hope it's loud, in charge, and he gets to box with a monkey. Come on, it's got to be the only thing he hasn't done, right?

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is scheduled to hit theaters on March 10, 2017.

Samuel L. Jackson
Extra Tidbit: Who do you think would win, Samuel L. Jackson or a giant ape?
Source: Deadline



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