Tap the trailer for The Body: From the producers of The Orphanage & Julia's Eyes

Back at the beginning of the year production started on Oriol Paulo's THE BODY (EL CUERPO). Why was this such exciting news? Well because THE BODY is coming at us courtesy of Rodar y Rodar: The same producers that brought us THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA'S EYES! Excited? You should be.

Today the first trailer for the highly-anticipated flick popped up over on YouTube and I just couldn't help but share it with all of you today. What do we get in this BODY trailer? Well you'll have to scroll on down and see for yourself! Chances are you won't be disappointed. As an added perk we've also got a look at some new stills from the feature, which can be found above and below.

While fleeing in panic, a man is knocked over by a lorry. When the police arrive, they discover that he is the night watchman at a morgue near the site of the accident. When they enter his workplace, they find that one of the bodies, Mayka Villaverde, a society personality, has disappeared from Room 3.

A detective is sent in to investigate the disappearance of the woman's body from the morgue. A storm traps him there with the deceased's husband -- whom he suspects of foul play -- as strange phenomena occur.

Unfortunately there's no telling when we might be seeing THE BODY but we do know it stars Belen Rueda, Jose Coronado, Hugo Silva, Jaime Pena and Aura Garrido. As always as soon as we hear more on the flick you'll be the first to know!

Extra Tidbit: Belén Rueda (above) starred in both THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA'S EYES.
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