Teresa Palmer takes the lead in producer James Wan's Lights Out

WARM BODIES actress Teresa Palmer has won the lead role in director David Sandberg's feature expansion of his viral Cool Horror Video short LIGHTS OUT, which starts filming today.

Palmer joins previously announced child actor Gabriel Bateman in the cast. The film tells the story of 

a young boy and his estranged sister, who are confronted by an evil entity that only appears when the lights are out.

I really feel for the characters in this movie, because Sandberg introduced an exceptionally creepy concept in his short, with a hideous, horrific creature that I certainly wouldn't want to have to deal with.

LIGHTS OUT is being produced by James Wan under the banner of his company Atomic Monster, which has a production deal with the studio, New Line Cinema. The idea is that LIGHTS OUT is one of several modestly budgeted films that will come out of this partnership.

Producer Lawrence Grey's Grey Matter Productions are also on board to help the project reach the screen.

FINAL DESTINATION 5's Eric Heisserer was the screenwriter tasked with fleshing the three minute short out into feature length. Here's hoping that it will be as scary as it has the potential to be.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to a LIGHTS OUT feature?
Source: Deadline



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