Trailer arrives for anthology sequel Mexico Barbaro II

Mexico Barbaro II

Featuring segments directed by eight separate filmmakers, the Mexican horror anthology MEXICO BARBARO was released around the world back in 2015. Although it's a movie I've been meaning to watch ever since I first heard of it, I have yet to find the time to do so - but obviously plenty of other horror fans have watched it, as the film has proven popular enough that it is now getting a sequel.

Appropriately titled MEXICO BARBARO II, the sequel consists of eight segments helmed by nine Mexican directors who have "come together to narrate traditions and more brutal, ruthless and bizarre legends" of their home country.

Mexico Barbaro shows the world stories that are part of our popular culture, from sweet stories told by our grandmothers, the tooth fairy, witchcraft, the story behind the weeping woman, sexy Devil' servers, a pagan hero, the burnt woman, up to ancestral culinary bloody rites. 
Traditions and legends that today continue to cause terror among Mexican people.

MEXICO BARBARO II will be making its world premiere at the upcoming Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre in Brazil. That event is scheduled to take place from May 19th to June 4th.

Ahead of the premiere, the folks over at ScreenAnarchy got the exclusive first look at the film's trailer, which can be seen below.

MEXICO BARBARO II's directors are Abraham Sanchez, Carlos Melendez, Christian Cueva, Diego Cohen, Fernando Urdapilleta, Lex Ortega, Michelle Garza, Ricardo Farias, and Sergio Tello.

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