We Talk Happy Death Day with Jessica Rothe, Christopher Landon & Jason Blum!

Who says scary can’t be fun!? What happens if you have to relive the very same day you die… every single day? Well, you can find out in the latest feature from the fine folks at Blumhouse. HAPPY DEATH DAY is an energetic and delightfully enjoyable tribute to 90’s slasher flicks. It’s a very entertaining new feature, directed by Christopher Landon, that offers a perfect mix of SCREAM meets GROUNDHOG DAY with a hint of HEATHERS. It also offers up a terrific lead performance from Jessica Rothe.

Recently, we joined in for the junket for HAPPY DEATH DAY, and it was a blast. First up we spoke to Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard, and they were fantastic. They talked horror movies, and the lovely Ms. Rothe opened up about the fun journey her character takes. Next up, we spoke to Jason Blum and Christopher Landon. The two incredibly talented gentlemen chatted about making a modern slasher film - with a little SIXTEEN CANDLES thrown in - and whether or not there will be a return to the sub-genre with this and the upcoming sequel to HALLOWEEN. Thankfully, if you love slashers, John Hughes, or any other teen scream, join in for HAPPY DEATH DAY this Friday the 13th.


Source: AITH

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