Hugh Jackman is not a morning person in this new Laughing Man Coffee ad

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Laughing Man Coffee

Beloved actor Hugh Jackman has released a new ad for his Laughing Man Coffee that shows how the nicest coffee on earth transforms its founder into the kind-hearted soul we all know and love. The ad is lovingly narrated by Jackman's frenemy and good-times pal, Ryan Reynolds, who in the promo states that 100% of Hugh's profits are donated to fair trade farmers around the world.

The ad gives us a great look at the actor's real-life morning routine, which begins with Hugh throwing his alarm clock across his bedroom. After breathing a sigh of contempt for another day amidst the ongoing pandemic, Hugh likes to shout at groups of laughing children, telling them to shut their mouths, thereby extinguishing their gleeful demeanor. After that, Hugh is greeted by his dog, which patiently waits for its owner every morning to go on an exhilarating stroll. Hugh, being the humanitarian that he is, then tells the dog to walk itself, before turning his back on the beast in search of more pressing matters. After bathing in the wall of sound that is Jay Ray's "137", Hugh finally brews himself a cup of Laughing Man Coffee, which in turn changes everything. Then, just like that, Hugh is transformed into the smiling, goodly-natured chap we all know him to be. It's like magic. Coffee magic.

You can watch the full ad for Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee below:

Disclaimer: The dog is not included with your purchase of Laughing Man Coffee

Second Disclaimer: The above text is not an accurate account of Hugh's morning routine. In fact, we've heard from a reliable source, who is not friend-of-the-site Ryan Reynolds, that Hugh's actual routine is far worse.

Third Disclaimer: That last part is also a lie. Go get yourself some Laughing Man Coffee. 

Source: Laughing Man Coffee

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