Interview: Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Jeff Nichols Talk The Bikeriders

Last Updated on June 21, 2024

When I turned 18, I dreamed of getting a Harley in Los Angeles. It wasn’t a realistic idea for me (personally, at least), but it likely stemmed from my love of flicks like Easy Rider, Vanishing Point, and others taking place on the open road. And then there was Sons of Anarchy, which I adored. And now we have The Bikeriders. The latest from the fantastic Jeff Nichols brings Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, and Jodie Comer to this gorgeous tale of a Midwestern motorcycle club called The Vandals. It has excellent performances and a terrific script that balances a little humor with this tale inspired by actual events. It fits right into my love of the road explored through the cinematic lens.


I recently had the opportunity to live my dream of being around these beautiful bikes and finally getting ink. I spent the day at The Bike Shed in Los Angeles. While there, the amazing Mara Ohara, “deathxcat” on Instagram, gave me my first tats. And I don’t regret it at all. They won’t be my last. I was incredibly giddy and had always thought about getting ink; I never found the right moment. Yet, Mara made it one of the most remarkable experiences I could’ve hoped for. If you are in Los Angeles and looking to update your tattoos or get a new one, I highly recommend Ms. Ohara.

Those in attendance also had the chance to take on the Bikerider experience, during which we were about to get brief training on riding a Harley. It was an absolute joy getting to feel that powerful motor underneath you. As far as experiences go, we also got to hop on board and ride around the city for a few minutes with a driver taking the wheels. This experience allowed me to live my 18-year-old dream in ways I could’ve never imagined. And we also were given a cool denim jacket and a choice of patches. I’m happy with the ones I chose.


I finished the day by chilling a bit with the legendary Norman Reedus before going on to the interviews. And happily, they all were incredible. Jeff Nichols is a phenomenal director, one of my favorites. He opened up about bringing this engaging story to life in such a big way. I’ve always appreciated how the filmmaker explores his subjects; this film is no exception.

And then came the ink. Not only did I get to share my new tattoos with Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy, but all the interviews were an absolute joy. For Austin and Jodie, they discussed taking on the project. Considering the story is told from the perspective of Ms. Comer’s character, it gives the film a rich and insightful take on how things can be corrupted and changed. And the two were wonderful to talk to. They were as kind and funny as they could be.

The Bikeriders

Finally, Tom Hardy is the man. I’ve interviewed him a couple of times before, and he’s always amazing. Tom is the real deal. The man is kind, funny, intelligent, and always has an engaging conversation. After bringing up our last interview, and revealing the ink, the conversation went in one of the most fun directions I’ve ever had speaking to talent. Mr. Hardy is easily a favorite for me. And this was the perfect movie to talk to him about. He has a passion for this film. And he’s fantastic to chat with.

See The Bikeriders this coming weekend. It’s a refreshingly exciting look at a unique time in history. The film is beautifully written and directed, and the supporting cast includes everyone from Nichols regular, Michael Shannon. I’d love to thank everyone at Focus Features, The Bike Shop, the junket crew, and the kindness of the talent involved in this incredible event.

The Bikeriders


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