Disney+ launches Hulu Hub to expand the platform’s in-house bundle and overall content library

Disney has officially merged Hulu and Disney+ into one app for convenient viewing and extensive library expansion.

Disney, Hulu

Disney+ and Hulu are two great tastes that taste great together, and now you can enjoy them both as a part of the same streaming platform! That’s right, folks! Hulu is officially joining forces with Disney+! It’s like the epic handshake meme, but it’s a library of extended content to make your subscription bigger and better than before. With shows like The BearOnly Murders in the Building, and Legion arriving on Disney+, brands like Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, and Star Wars are about to be in excellent company.

Adding Hulu to Disney+ means a new tile comes to the streaming service’s homepage. The tile is available to anyone with a Disney+ and a Hulu subscription, with the clickable tile taking you to Hulu’s expansive content catalog, featuring original programming, acquired TV series, and movies. The tile is added automatically for customers with subscriptions to both platforms. Your advertisement tier information is also automatically uploaded, so there’s no need for adjustments after the change.

Disney says the launch is still in beta and that more features, including parental controls, will be implemented in March 2024. Additionally, because Hulu and Disney+ operate under the same umbrella, Hulu knows your preferences and will recommend content based on Disney+ viewing experience thus far. Disney won’t engage in a promotional blitz like they do for most things. Instead, adding the Hulu tile is a relatively quiet upgrade to the existing platform.

Meanwhile, adding Hulu to your subscription service will add content to some existing shows because the rights are in place to unlock new content. It’s an easy way to see everything both platforms have to offer under one roof if you will.

In May, Disney CEO Bob Iger teased the merging of the apps, saying it would “provide greater opportunities for advertisers, while giving bundle subscribers access to more robust and streamlined content, resulting in greater audience engagement and ultimately leading to a more unified streaming experience.”

I’ve had Disney+ and Hulu operating as one app for a while here in Canada, and it’s great to have everything in one place. It makes things much more accessible to watch, and the search function lets me find anything associated with the combined service. Enjoy living in the future, folks!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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