Insidious and Saw’s Leigh Whannell wants next project to be sci-fi

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Leigh Whannell may be best known as half of one of the most successful partnerships in horror history, working alongside frequent collaborator James Wan on SAW and INSIDIOUS, two films that spawned highly profitable franchises. While he has worked mainly as a writer and an actor, now Whannell is set to tackle directing duties on the upcoming third installment of the INSIDIOUS series, but he's also looking ahead to what he'd like to take on next.

In an interview with THR Whannell shared that he isn't planning on restricting himself to horror in his upcoming projects, stating that it's…

"…not because I would become bored of the genre as much as because the genre would become bored of me."

"I think if I was constantly generating horror, the films would suffer. I feel like going off and making a film that’s completely different recharges your batteries. It's a great thing to do."

So if not horror, what could we expect to see Whannell tackle next? How about a kickass sci-fi flick? Whannell shares his love for the genre, stating…

"If I had to pick one genre next, I'd love to make a sci-fi film. I grew up in the '80s, going to the video store and renting Aliens and The Thing — I just love them so much. Nostalgia for the films I loved in my teenage years kind of really draws me."

I certainly hope that he gets his wish. I'm definitely curious to see what kind of sci-fi goodness he can cook up.

Whannell has certainly been busy as of late. He co-wrote and stars in COOTIES, a horror-comedy from Elijah Wood's SpectreVision production banner that earned acclaim at Sundance and a seven-figure distribution deal with Lionsgate. He also has the crime-thriller THE MULE, which stars and is co-directed by his INSIDIOUS co-star Angus Sampson. And, of course, his directing duties on INSIDIOUS 3.

We're always stoked for a new project from Whannell and would love to see him tackle something in the sci-fi genre. Here's hoping he gets a chance to deliver us something in that realm soon enough. We'll keep you posted on it!

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