Interview: 127 Hours star James Franco and director Danny Boyle!

Academy award winning director-producer-writer Danny Boyle, is easily one of the most sought-after, visionary & influential film makers of today. Best known for his work in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, TRAINSPOTTING, THE BEACH, 28 DAYS LATER among many more, he has a knack for magically transforming the ordinary into a magnificently visual extraordinary! Joining forces with the handsome, multi-talented James Franco (SPIDER-MAN, MILK, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS), the dynamic duo teamed up last week to chat about their viscerally thrilling and inspiring forthcoming film, 127 HOURS.

Adapted from a book based on a true story by Aron Ralston, Franco triumphantly carries the film as a mountain climber fighting for his life, after his hand is trapped under a fallen boulder in a narrow Canyon slot. In contrast to his previous films, Boyle daringly challenges himself by translating one man’s journey in 127 HOURS from a first-person story into a visually stimulating & emotionally alluring adventure for all to be immersed in. Check out what Boyle and a very enthusiastic Franco had to say about their interpretation of this heroic tale, filming the infamous “unwatchable” scene and translating an agonizing accident about survival into an uplifting film.


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