INT: Clive Owen

What can be sweeter than meeting the irresistibly charismatic Clive Owen? Well…meeting him twice – in a month! The sexy star of DERAILED, SIN CITY AND CHILDREN OF MEN polishes and reaffirms his alpha male, tough-guy image in Michael Davis’ upcoming action flick SHOOT ‘EM UP. Owen portrays a mysterious, thrill seeking, gun fighter who creatively maneuvers his way out of every jam while inventing new ways to shoot ‘n kill to protect a newborn baby’s life. The high-speed chase led by Paul Giamatti’s relentless character propels SHOOT ‘EM UP as an exhilarating and entertaining ride from start to finish!

Captivated by his rugged good looks and witty, British charm, I couldn’t help from getting weak in the knees (again) at the very sight of him. Owen radiated an appealing presence and magnetic confidence, which is incredibly apparent on and off screen. I felt extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of sitting down with Owen to chat about his attraction to the script, the challenges of doing his own stunt work, and a very passionate love scene with Monica Bellucci. Check it out.

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