Interview: Drive Angry 3D star William Fichtner

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

When I walked in to interview William Fichtner, he quickly noticed my Lynyrd Skynyrd hat. He began telling me about a concert he went to back in the Seventies featuring Skynyrd, J. Geils Band and more. He then pulled out his phone and offered a little music by this amazing band. This is William Fichtner, he makes you feel welcome and is sincerely amazing to chat with. He also happens to be one of the best actors working today.

In DRIVE ANGRY, Fichtner is at his supreme best as “The Accountant”. His walk, his bravado and just his sense of being is simply incredible. It is easy to love this character, and he offered a little bit of insight as to how he created this shockingly good performance.

Be warned, this is the guy that everybody will be talking about. He is one of the most fascinating screen baddies in the past couple of years. So I thank you Mr Lussier, Mr. Farmer and of course, Mr. Fichtner for making a villain this much freakin’ fun.

DRIVE ANGRY opens this Friday at a theatre near you, and I suggest you take your motor out for a spin and take a ride to hell and back.


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