Interview: Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder on Copshop!

Sometimes a flick surprises you. When the trailer arrived for Joe Carnahan‘s latest, Copshop (read our review), I wasn’t sure how solid this action feature would be. What I got, however, is a fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat type of action feature. Starring Frank Grillo, Gerard Butler, and Alexis Louder. The story of a con artist on the run from a deadly assassin is a treat of a film. The action sequences are impressive, and Carnahan delivers one of his best, engaging and intense. And it also features a star-making performance from the lovely and talented Alexis Louder. While it helps that she’s playing off such fantastic fellas as Butler and Grillo, she brings something incredible to the role of a rookie officer trying to do the right thing.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with both Butler and Louder for Copshop. And frankly, it was hard to resist giving Alexis a heavy dose of praise. For Butler, it’s always great to chat with him, and he is in top form here. The two discussed working together and working with Mr. Carnahan. Another element that worked with the film is the undeniable chemistry between the three leads, and it was clear – even minus Grillo at the interview – that the three worked well together. I highly recommend you seek out this wild ride of a movie. It’s a taut and engaging thriller, and it’s one of the filmmaker’s most impressive features to date. And once again, I cannot praise Louder enough, the actress delivers one of the best performances thus far this year. Check out Copshop this Friday, you won’t be disappointed.


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