Interview: Jo Koy, Tia Carrere and more talk Easter Sunday

It’s really nice to see people again. Having been a few years since sitting down face to face with actors, it’s been wonderful to get a little personal time. That’s what happened at the junket for Easter Sunday, the new comedy that blends a talented cast around comedienne Jo Koy, and the relationship he has with his mother. The new feature is a celebration of Filipino culture, and these interviews were a delight to partake in. Starring Jo Koy, Lydia Gaston, Tia Carrere, Jimmy O. Yang, and Jay Chandrasekhar. If you are looking for a family comedy to share with your loved ones, perhaps Easter Sunday would fit that bill.

I mentioned speaking to people in person again. Nowhere was this more entertaining that speaking to Jo Koy. The second he walked into the press area, he proceeded to chat up everybody waiting for him. Once he and I sat down for the interview, his enthusiasm was incredibly infectious. He talked about the inspiration behind bringing his story to a comedic feature. And in the end, we were having so much fun he didn’t realize I had to wrap. Jo is a warm and funny guy, and it was a blast speaking with him.

Next up, we sat down with Lydia Gaston and Tia Carrere. Having grown up with Tia being a source of joy throughout her career, it was a delight speaking to both. Lydia opened up about playing the all important mother in this story. And for Ms. Carrere, she shared that she’d never played a Filipino character before this in her forty-year career. Honestly, it was lovely to hear how important this story was for this talented group of actors.

Jay Chandrasekhar (of Broken Lizard) is not only a talented director, he’s also a very funny actor. In Easter Sunday, Jay takes on the role of Jo’s agent. Jay’s performance is exactly the kind of agent/manager that your mother warned you about. The filmmaker also discussed taking on the project, and how important it was to do it respectfully to honor the culture portrayed. The passion for the project certainly wasn’t lost on Jay, and it shows with all the talent involved.

And finally, I sat down with executive producer and star Jimmy O. Yang. Yes, we had a bit of fun with the names. It was terrific meeting Jimmy, and discussing his hopes for the film, and what it can accomplish. While Easter Sunday is simply a family comedy, it’s a representation that audiences don’t get to see. With that, it was a thrill to chat with this fine collection of people, and if you are looking for a laugh, you may find that this holiday comedy will connect. Easter Sunday is currently playing at a theatre near you.


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