Interview: The Outfit Stars Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch

One of the many reasons to watch the new feature The Outfit is the brilliance of Mark Rylance. The incredible character actor is given the chance to take center stage in the new film directed by Graham Moore. As great as Rylance is, he’s surrounded by an incredible group that includes Dylan O’Brien, Zoey Deutch, and Johnny Flynn. And all four give sparkling performances. Another factor that makes this film so special is just how beautifully written it is. Moore (screenwriter for The Imitation Game) makes his directorial debut here, and it’s a gem of a throwback to the time when James Cagney ruled the movie theatres. It’s a smart, and engaging period piece, one that makes impressive use of its single set storyline. With crackling fast dialogue and terrific energy that flows throughout, The Outfit is a great time at the movies.

One of my favorite actors to interview is Dylan O’Brien. In part, because he continues to give excellent performances in every project he’s involved. As talented as he is, that is matched in kindness. Dylan is always amazing and a pleasure to chat with. And here he opens up about working with Moore and creating the impressive lyrical quality of the sharp dialogue. Do you know who else is sensational? Zoey Deutch, that’s who. And both of these fine actors are stunning in this flick. While it was a short interview, it’s clear that they were working with a director with promise, one who knew how to bring back the heavy dialogue-inspired stories that we rarely see in the cinema. The Outfit is a nice change of pace in a sequel/remake-heavy world, and you can’t do better than Rylance, O’Brien, and Deutch. Check it out this Friday!


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